Keen Decision Systems Webinar

Your Survival Guide As An Economic First-Responder

About the Webinar

From an economic perspective marketers are the “first responders.” It’s our responsibility to lean into this chaos and clear a path forward, protect resources and resuscitate as-needed.

Join us for a special, live event, Monday, March 30 at 2 p.m. ET when Keen co-founder and CEO Greg Dolan and CRO Shawn Williams show you:

  • How deploying the right preventive and protective measures now can minimize the negative outcomes for your business, employees and shareholders...and consumers and the economy at-large.

  • See how predictive analytics can become your go-to protocol for adapting in volatile situations as well as in recovery and growth economies.

  • Leave with a quick-start plan to guide your decisions over the next two weeks, two months and beyond as our economic outlook evolves.

At Keen, we’re here to help. Get your questions answered and gain an understanding of how predictive analytics can give you a sense of calm and confidence for the days ahead.

  • Greg Dolan, Keen Co-founder & CEO

    Greg spent over a decade as a brand marketing executive for companies like Kraft and Campbell’s. He experienced first-hand the importance of data-driven decision making to build winning brands. He founded Keen believing that between big data and gut instinct lay an opportunity to make smarter use of the right data so marketers could make informed, forward-thinking decisions.

  • Shawn Williams, Keen CRO

    As a marketing technology veteran, Shawn joined Keen to develop and lead the go-to-market strategy. Growing organizations serves as the backbone of his career, and stems from a desire to provide solutions that bring value to the people that depend on them day in, and day out.

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