5 Strategies to Create a        Profitable Coaching Business from Scratch

  • ​​​​​​​SECRET #1
    Successful coaches believe in themselves and their work, and it's hard to say no to that!
    So let's start to banish your worries and fears like "Will anyone hire me?" and get your mind right so your business takes off!

    How? In the first few minutes of the free masterclass training you will find your secret sauce that will make you irresistible  to clients (because you will know without a doubt who you serve and what your magic is!)

  • SECRET #2

    ​​​​​​​You want to be able to communicate, in a crystal clear, no-nonsense, direct way ....what you do as a coach in a way that makes people say “Hell yes!  I want that!”

    Know the #1 way to set your coaching business up so that it attracts ideal clients (like bees to honey)

    In this free masterclass training you will  learn how to grab your ideal client's attention and have them say about your awesome coaching... “I want that!”

  • SECRET #3

    Often our prospective clients don’t *really* understand how coaching works. And trying to describe your coaching to them can sound vague.

    Learn how to create a great, structured, ENTICING way to make coaching feel both tangible and effective. 

    And when clients are enticed by something that is clearly awesome, they want to say "Hell yes! I'm in!"

  • ​​​​​​​SECRET #4

    ​​​​​​​Profitable successful coaches all know this number one tactic for getting clients.

    They do this tactic ALL the time!  And it helps them fill their email list and their calendar with their ideal clients. (And in turn fills their own back account with money!)

    In this toalty free masterclass training workshop you will find what this tactic is (and trust me, it's not that tricky or complicated at all!) But it works. Time and time again, It works. 

  • SECRET#5

    We've all done this often without even knowing that we do it. But it prevents us from having the success we always dreamed of.

    In this free masterclass workshop training, you'll find out the top way to clear the road to help make sure that you have a successful coaching business.

    How to do it.  How to make sure that every single day you and your awesome new coaching business is aligned to thrive and succeed!

  • 3 BONUSES! 

    Just by showing up to the FREE Masterclass Workshop,  you'll get two awesome BONUSES one more bonus, a 3rd BONUS, this time a fast-action super BONUS to help you start your incredible coaching biz ...when you stay until the end!  

  • Lois Lavrisa, Master Certified Life Coach & Creator of "Coaching Business Kickstart"

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