4 Steps to a Happy and Successful Career as a Veterinarian

About The Webinar

Veterinarians the world over are struggling to find their feet, enjoy their careers and not burn out early. In this webinar, GP vet, author of the bestselling 'So You're a Vet... Now What?', VMX Speaker of the Year and mentor to hundreds of vets around the world, Dr Dave Nicol shares practical advice on how you can change your circumstances in veterinary medicine and have a happier, healthier career. And avoid the common mistakes that cause the biggest struggles.

In this session you'll learn: 

  • The highs and lows of Dr Dave's career and how he overcame his struggles to enjoy a 20-year career as a head vet.

  • Three fatal mistakes that will crush any vet career and how to avoid them or turn them around.

  • Discover a four-part framework that will help you achieve your dreams and work sustainably as a vet. ​​​​​​​

  • Dr David Nicol

    Webinar Host

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