Attention! The Real Estate Market is on the Verge of a Seismic Shift, Are you Prepared?

 2022 Elite Business Planning Workshop 

The Greatest Opportunity of Your Career Lies Ahead

I started my career in a crazy boom just like this, 2003-2008, Those were some good times. There's an old saying though that "good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times." Well, things got hard after 2008, especially for me.

Launching my unknown brokerage in the midst of the global financial crisis, was terrible timing, but it forced us to get creative and hustle our way to success.

There were some major lessons learned through that experience that will serve me and my group well when this bull run ends. I believe it's my duty as one of our industry elders now, to pay it forward...

What You Will Learn In The Webinar

  • How to Sell more Homes working less hours

    Learn how to develop systems that will allow you to help more clients but without working 60 hour weeks.  Lifestyle and Balance can be achieved!

  • Recession-Proof your Business

    A market shift is coming, it can either define your career, or destroy it.  Learn the 7 Key Shifts you need to make to not just survive the next recession, but to thrive and dominate your market.

  • Attract Clients on Demand

    AJ opens his playbook and demonstrates the exact tactics he uses to predictably attract over 100 new clients every month,  and how he has scaled his team to nearly half a billion per year in Sales

Webinar Hosts

  • AJ Hazzi

    Webinar Host

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