60 min. online session with the Power to Inspire you


In the current climate, many organizations are switching to virtual interfaces and find themselves seeking guidance for their remote teams.

Dima Ghawi inspires and teaches you how to stay connected while working remotely. ​​​With this interactive free webinar managers and employees will be supplied with essential tips and strategies most needed to effectively work virtually in the world we are living today.

To get the maximum benefit from this webinar, we advise you to invite your colleagues as well to register for this free webinar.

  • Dima Ghawi

    Leadership Coach with the gift transforming fear into power.

  • Maurice van der Kant

    Webinar Host Assemblee Speakers, Founder

  • Strategies to effectively lead teams virtually

    The first part of this webinar will equip managers with actionable strategies to effectively lead their teams virtually, improving morale, performance, and engagement.

  • Useful tips for individual teammembers

    Following this, the second part focuses on individual team members and provides useful tips for improving communication, time management, and overall wellness.

  • About Dima Ghawi

    Dima Ghawi draws from two decades of corporate experience leading global teams and developing future leaders worldwide. She has worked across the United States, Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Africa for several Fortune 100 companies including IBM, Merrill Lynch, and Intuit. Through her work, she has honed a keen expertise in developing leaders to meet the demands of the global workforce. 

    Dima is the founder of a global talent development company with a primary mission for advancing individuals in leadership.

    ​​​​​​​Through keynote speeches, workshops, training programs, and executive coaching, she has empowered thousands of professionals across the globe to develop critical business skills, shatter internal limitations, and expand their leadership potential.

    In addition, she has provided guidance to business executives to help them understand the value of gender diverse leadership, and to develop a multi-year plan for advancing quality leaders from within the organization.

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