Female Technology Entrepreneurs: 
3 Reasons Why You're NOT​​​​​​​ Getting the Clients and Sales You Want...And How to Fix It In 30 Days or Less ​​​​​​​Without Sacrificing Lifestyle

  • If you are a female technology entrepreneur or business owner in the graphic design, web development, software development, social media, video marketing or high-ticket e-commerce fields, then this masterclass is for YOU!

  • Discover...

    ​​​​​​​Why your marketing is missing the mark and how to fix it!

  • Learn...

    How to show up for your ideal client on social media without running yourself into the ground

  • Let's Face it...

    It's time to stop beating around the bush and tell your ideal clients exactly what they want to hear

  • Tracy Swain

    Entrepreneur, Business Growth Strategist and Product Launch Specialist for Multi-Million Dollar Products and Services since 2005

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