Payroll Administrator Qualification & Apprenticeship - All you need to know before enrolling.

If you're considering gaining a qualification in Payroll to either further your career, advance your knowledge and skills or enter a career in payroll, this free session is your opportunity to learn more about the Payroll Administrator Apprenticeship from IFOL and The Global Payroll Association

Meet and hear from with existing learners on the programme and join us as we explain;

• How your employer can access 95-100% funding, that's £9,000 per person.

• Why both inexperienced individuals and senior payroll leaders are enrolling in this programme

• What you'll learn and the payroll qualification you'll gain • Why our course coaches are all Qualified Payroll Professionals

• How to present this to your business to gain approval

​​​​​​​There will be an opportunity to ask your questions during the session, so please bring any questions you have with you. Register now and if you miss the live session, you'll gain access to the session recording.

  • Sam Hitchen-Rae

    Partnerships Director at IFOL

  • Sian Peal

    Payroll Apprenticeship Sales Executive at IFOL

  • Kaley Tighe

    Finance and Payroll Manager at ITM Communications

  • Niliksha Swanton

    Payroll Manager at Motor Insurance Bureau

  • Learn how your business can access funding​​​​​​​

  • Why this program is perfect for Payroll professionals of all levels

  • Which qualifications you'll gain and how you'll study​​​​​​​

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