Masterclass in Positional Play Training Structure and Design

What do elite clubs and academys do to run a training session? This is the question most coaches ask themselves. In this masterclass you will learn all the secrets.

Be able to use an arsenal of concepts and design elite training sessions based on the positional playing style (juego de posición).

APFC's Head of Content and Methodology Expert explains how to run and design a session applying universal concepts as well as tactical and technical foundations. 

  • Understand Rondos, Positional Games and SSPs

    Why we use them and when we use them.

  • Acquire the confidence  to design your own training structure

    Depending on the needs of the team and the identiy you want it to have.

  • See how these structures improve individual and collective abilities

    Find low hanging fruit to improve your team's collective performance through concepts and structures.

  • Miquel Lladó

    Webinar Host

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