... a special holday season gift to the 144K! Reality ReConstructor included.
If an isolated Asperges sufferer cut-off from the world, can do it ... so can you.

Shadow Work Central - for the 144K

Get the simple explanations you need to make robust Shadow Work not only work, but practical, easy to do & fits into your schedule - without the endless expense of courses or expensive psychic healers.

  • Connect better with you own guides & Soul's VAST super-quantum-computer like knowledge through a special 'right-hemisphere' trick:

    ... to see things better & always be certain about what you see & clear. Free your life, clear your path ... by becoming your own reliable healer. Find & remove blocks quicker.

  • Discover the new 'Vertical Category from Omnipresence' method, and why this revolutionized Shadow Work

    I'll tell you about the limitations of the traditional 'layer-by-layer' method of deep internal clearing, so you can clear 'whole categories' or reoccurring themes in each area of your life, so you don't have to spend the next several lifetimes clearing one block at a time.

  • Make far quicker & sustainable progress for faster frequency jumps.

    Discover the importance of working from Omnipresence & with specialized auric technicians who are like non-physical surgeons best suited for this kind of support, for greater results ... rapid release ... and softer integration back to your Light & Soul Bodies.

  • Establish your own Shadow Work practice, with confidence

    Discover why Shadow Work seems like a labyrinth of many mirrors & new things to learn about, and how to end the overwhelm once & for all - to simplify things yet be deep & holistic for more dramatic but sustainable results.

  • Jim Tourtsakis

    Webinar Host

  • Ada Tourtsakis

    Webinar Host

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