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Here's What You Will Gain: 

  1. Learn a practical review of medical surgical nursing as an acute care nurse that ranges from topics of common diseases, nursing procedures and critical care scenarios.

  2. Discover a complete plan that highlights important aspects of nursing and nursing care with a formattable execution in as little as 6 weeks to as high as 6 months.

  3. Tailored to your needs. This review allows you to extract any and all pertinent information you need based on where you are in your nursing journey

What We Will Cover ​​​

Physiological Adaptation

  • Fluid and electrolyte imbalances
  • Hypovolemia
  • Hypervolemia 
  • Abnormal electrolytes
  • Diseases processes

Health Promotion and Maintenance

  • The aging process
  • The Neonate
  • The Infant
  • The Toddler
  • The Preschool Child
  • The School Age Child
  • The Adolescent
  • The Young Adult
  • The Middle Adult
  • The Older Adult

Pharmacology (a breakdown by classifications)

  • Cardiovascular medications
  • Respiratory Drugs
  • Gastrointestinal Drugs
  • Hormonal Drugs
  • Neurological Drugs
  • Endocrine Drugs
  • Immune System Drugs
  • Musculoskeletal Drugs

Safety and Infection Control

  • Modes of transmission
  • Standard precautions
  • Contact precautions
  • Droplet precautions
  • Airborne precautions
  • The principles of infection control
  • Aseptic technique
  • Sterile technique
  • Hand hygiene
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Emergency discharge planning
  • Ergonomic principles

Psycho-social Integrity

  • Erikson's stages of development
  • Mental health disorders
  • Defense mechanisms
  • Abuse and neglect

Management of Care

  • Continuity of Care
  • What is SBAR?
  • Five Rights of Delegation
  • Role Differences
  • Prioritization of Care

Reduction of Risk Potential 

  • Labs/diagnostics
  • Nursing procedures you must know
  • Chest tubes care
  • Pre-op vs Post op care

Basic Care and Comfort

  • Assistive devices
  • Oral nutrition and oral hydration
  • Special diets


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will I get access to the product?

A: You will have access for 6 months.

Q: Is this class good for students who are planning to take NCLEX exam within the next 30 to 60 days?

A: Yes it is. It is made for individuals who have graduated from nursing school and need an in depth nurse refresher class that introduces them to relevant nursing knowledge and content that will prepare them to excel in preparation for nursing certification, nurse licensure examination or clinical practice. Feel free to take a look at what the class covers on top.

Q: When will I get access to all the Bonuses?

A: As soon as you purchase the replay class, you will automatically have access to the free bonus of all the products previously mentioned.

Q: How do I get access to everything?

A: Once you register, you will immediately see the login button on the thank you page, you will also get a confirmation email with your login information (check your spam). If you're still having problems then please visit the "Help" section of our website to walk you through how to login. 

 Q: Is the same as the homestudy programs? 

A: No this is a completely different program/class. Most of the content covered in this class will not be the same content covered in the homestudy program. 


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What You Will Learn In The Webinar

  • Learn the Core 

    content you need to know in a organized pattern so you know what to study for your exam. 

  • Know How To Connect

    the content to the NCLEX exam so you understand how to successfully apply the information and see the bigger picture. 

  • Discover the Strategies ​​​​​​​

    you need in order to master select all that apply as well as difficult NCLEX questions

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