Animal Summer Camp

July 6-10, 2020

Join Science Mom & Math Dad for a week of classes and activities, all about animals. Each day includes a 2-hour livestream with fascinating facts and fun activities. While the target age is 7-12 years old, camp is open to all ages.
Campers can join live each day at 1:00 PM Eastern or watch the replay afterward. ​​​

**Registration has two-parts. After you pay, you will be redirected to enter the email address where you would like to receive announcements about camp. If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected]**

  • Explore the animal kingdom.
     ○​​​​​​​ Monday: Scorpions, Spiders, and Bugs - Oh my!
     ○ Tuesday: Feathered Friends
     ○ Wednesday: Wild world of Reptiles
     ○ Thursday: Life Underwater, a lesson on Amphibians and Fish
    ​​​​​​​ ○ Friday: Mammals and Marsupials

  • Dive deep into biology. Each day we explore the diversity and incredible survival skills these animals have developed.

  • Daily crafts and art lessons. Our craft projects are easy to do and tons of fun — and you'll receive a complete supply list before we begin. 

  • Naturalist-in-training stickers. Each day includes a naturalist challenge designed to encourage a love for and appreciation of nature. If you are unable to venture out, there are indoor variations. Complete them all to earn your stickers!

  • Camp scrapbook. Each camper receives a print friendly PDF document that contains all the activities, games, and more. Look forward to your camper writing home about their learning adventures! 

  • Cost for a whole week of camp: $25 
    Families with multiple kids only need to pay once!

  • Science Mom

    Jenny Ballif

  • Math Dad

    Serge Ballif

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