Xata workshop

Learn how to perform Postgres schema changes in production with zero downtime

Schema migrations are a pain. They typically require multi-step playbooks to roll out in production and migrate your data over. In this workshop we'll review the problem space and tools available to make reversible schema changes in production with zero downtime.

Wednesday, January 24, 10:00 AM EST


  • Alex Francoeur

    Head of Product

  • Andrew Farries

    Engineering Lead - pgroll

What you will learn

  • Common pain points

    Why schema migrations are typically avoided and usually additive instead of destructive

  • Production roll out strategies

    Common strategies used to make schema changes in production environments

  • Tools available

    The different types of tools available in this problem space

  • pgroll and Xata

    An introduction to the open source tool pgroll and the schema migration workflow in Xata

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