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How To Have Students RESPECT You, LISTEN, and FOLLOW Instructions

​​​​​​​Classroom Management Success in 7 Days or Less

FREE digital copy of one of our best-selling books "Classroom Management Success in 7 Days or Less" for every attendee!

WARNING: Space is limited. Please be on time to secure your place.  And be prepared  for a training session that's significantly better than ones others charge you for… even though it's completely free. :-) 

During This Free Live Training, You Will Learn

  • How to totally eliminate disruption and get your students listening to you so that you are FREE TO TEACH CREATIVELY and so that LEARNING CAN TAKE PLACE. After all, that's what you intended when you started training isn't it? It's what your job should be about. If your time is constantly taken up with the frustrating act of sorting out behaviour and disruption, your students will never get what they need. I'll be explaining a simple system to put an end to this for good.
  • How to get your students actively engaged in your lessons so that you can give support to the students who need it. Again, if your time is taken up putting out fires and preventing disruption from escalating, your needy students are going to become increasingly frustrated. And we all know where that leads... MORE PROBLEMS for you to solve.​​​​​​​
  • The magic core principle nobody mentions.  Without this, teaching will always be hard work, relationships with students will be almost impossible to build and most attempts to manage behaviour will fail. I'll explain exactly what this is together with a simple way to make sure it's in place during this web session. Sadly, most trainers ignore this crucial aspect of the teaching process.

  • Rob Plevin

    Webinar Host

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