Leadership Spirituality for Executives & Entrepreneurs
5 Shifts to Shatter Your Ceiling of Influence, Income, and Impact without Anxiety

You Will Learn in This Masterclass ...

  • how to maximize influence, income, and impact and minimize stress, setbacks, and sabotage;

  • how to lead with light rather than heat to avoid leadership burnout;

  • how to become a world-class leader, even if you don’t have enough IQ  or EQ, but you have the unfair advantage of SQ (Spiritual Quotient);

  • how to increase your charisma like a world-class leader to command respect and inspire cooperation;

  • how to win the world without losing your soul, make more money without losing your health or happiness, and fulfill your calling before recalled;

  • how to turn your mission into a movement.

  • Samuel Stone

    Webinar Host

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