How To Manage Remote Teams & Clients

About the Webinar

In response to government lockdowns, many businesses must now have their staff work from home. Unfortunately, most companies lack the experience or tools to manage the challenges of a remote workforce.

Many are also concerned that having teams work from home is a compromise and an inconvenience that will cause their business to suffer.                                      
However, the guys at EthicallyMAD have a very different perspective. Through extensive experience  (the majority of their team already work from home) they have found that with the right systems in place productivity and team wellbeing actually improves.

To show you how, Leon Jay, founder of EthicallyMAD, will share what they have learned during this free webinar.

Leon has over 15 years of experience in building and managing remote teams and clients for multiple businesses, with staff that cover more than 20 countries. He has tried and tested many solutions over the years, as well as experimenting with a wide variety of approaches.

During the webinar, you will learn the tools and strategies he uses to manage remote clients, remote meetings, team management, time tracking, and project collaboration, along with a few tips to maintain security and increase efficiency.

The webinar will be repeated on a few different dates and times to ensure that everyone who is interested gets a chance to participate. Please choose a time slot below to reserve your place.

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