Discover the 10 Things Your Biller Must Do to Increase Insurance Reimbursements & Set the Stage for 2024!



After billing out over $1 billion in claims, we have discovered the 10 most common mistakes made by billers, that hurt reimbursements and cripple cash flow for private practices. It doesn't matter what EMR and billing software you use, these are errors that can be easily fixed and can make an impact of hundreds, potentially thousands of dollars to your bottom line!

>  Avoid the #1 Mistake that's Robbing You Blind
Discover the #1 mistake that's hurting your practice, and it's right under your nose! Hint - it's something that must be done even before the patient steps into your practice! We'll give you a precise checklist on what to do (and not to do) to ensure that your claim is accepted and paid, every single time.

​​​​​​​>  Destroying the "Software Myth" - The Lie That's Been Hammered Into your Brain Over the Years
EMR and billing software providers have something to sell you, so they make you believe you need a certain type of software etc. Some of the wealthiest practice owners we know work with the most basic of all softwares, while the practice owners who micromanage their software have the lowest profit margins. The bottom line - it's not the software that matters, but the team who runs it, and gets you paid! Attend the webinar to learn more.

  • A Detailed Breakdown of a Billing Framework to Maximize Payments and Eliminate Denials
    We will reveal our entire billing framework, the same framework we use to collect over $10 million a month from insurance companies. Learn how we submit clean claims from day one, so you can do the same!

  • The Proprietary "Retrograde Payment Analysis" Principle to Help Uncover Your Hidden Profit Centers
    Every practice has hidden profit centers they are not maximizing. For example, you can bill more of certain CPT codes that pay more. You should also end contracts with low-paying payers if you expect to be profitable. We'll teach you how to conduct this analysis and transform your practice.

  • Why a 1 Person or 2 Person Billing Team is Never Enough... Regardless of the Size of your Practice
    If you think that a 1-person or 2-person team is enough to get you paid, then think again since the data suggests otherwise. There are so many nuances to every aspect of the billing process, whether you collect $20K a month of $500K a month. Discover why you need a robust team, and how to put together such a team in your practice.

  • How to Renegotiate Payer Contracts so They Pay You More Every Year!
    Your expenses increase every year because of inflation, so should your reimbursements. However, most practices don't renegotiate payer contracts as often as they should! We'll teach you all the do's and dont's so you get paid what you deserve.

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    Webinar Host

  • Cheryl House, RMC, CHI

    Webinar Host

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