The Procrastination Habit:
Taking Your Power Back for Productivity

I see you lovely one. I see you wanting to take action. I see you feeling stuck and captive to procrastination.

Between Netflix, and online shopping, and procrasti-cleaning, and ticking off only the easy things on your to-do-list, there's not enough time to get what you need done, the responsibility you carry is too much and you see your goals getting further away from you.

But lovely one, what if I told you it wasn't your fault?

What if you didn't need to carry the blame and understood what procrastination is and how you can take control back?

What if you could even harness your energy to take purposeful, impactful action?

In this Masterclass, I'll show you:

1. How procrastination is protecting you (yep, really)

2. What to look out for so that you can free yourself from the habit of procrastination, and,
3. Why - if you have the right tools- you can use the energy you've previously been spending on procrastinating to take brave and meaningful action right now 

Look out for the webinar link on the page once you've registered. This will also be emailed to you. If you have any troubles or need the link again, please email [email protected]

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