Don't rely solely on ELISAs for HCP evaluation in process development

- the 3 reasons why mass spectrometry assays provide better HCP impurity control

  • Thomas Kofoed

    Alphalyse, CEO

  • I will show the danger of relying solely on ELISA assays for HCP evaluation

    (this is the most important reason why so many of our customers use our LC-MS based Host Cell Protein analysis for process development).​​​​​​​

  • You will get examples of how an LC-MS based HCP assay evaluates the difference between batches

    – and provides information on which parameters that give specific results.

  • Bonus: We will go over customer cases

    showing how an LC-MS assay was used for documenting the clearance of HCPs during a 6-step purification process, and how info about specific HCPs was used for targeted optimization of the process.

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