Using the 3-step decision making framework to courageously turn your life around - Live life to the full with sound decision making skills

  • Revolutionary 3 step technique for sustained decision making skills

    1. Uncover the context behind good decision making
    2. Learn to establish the right foundation for strong decision making

  • Understand the power of storytelling to anchor you ahead of making decisions

    Your purpose-driven story is a strong foundation stone to uncover your passion points and strengths. This is foundational to pivot with courage

  • Tap into your heart, mind & gut to analyse a situation prior to decision making

    1. Values, experience and gut instinct are powerful vectors to guide you towards your next pivotal move/decision in life
    2. Map these vectors accurately to analyse the present and prepare for the future

  • Power of passion points & strengths to validate good decision making

    Mapping your future state of being to maximize your chances of success

  • Goals & Timelines to decisively pivot from decisions to bold actions

    Turn decisions into action with meaningful timelines and goals

  • ​​​​​​​<<Testimonial from an attendee>>

    Going through the Next Dimensony Story approach helped me to reflect on the key tools that I rely on to move ahead in my life. It instilled deep confidence in me.

    I was able to blow self-doubt out of the way and tap into my perseverance and discipline to maintain an authentic and confident view of my life and my future - Rob Ahlering

  • George Eapen

    Webinar Host

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