About The Workshop

Processing of AHSS steels is still challenging. Process variability is very large and the real source is not well known. Therefore, TIER1s and OEMs need to understand how upstream processes (precuts production) influence the final forming and cutting operations.
The objective of FLATBEND has been to boost the productivity of the AHSS stamping processes by developing disruptive roll levelling techniques and new model based control strategies for forming facilities, taking into account material fluctuations and initial residual stresses of the precuts.
In the webinar, project partners will present the main results and products developped during the last 3 years and you will have the opportunity to interact with experts of blanking and stamping facilities that are used for the processing of AHSS.
This project has received funding from the European Union's under the European Union's Research Fund for Coal and Steel research programme, funding scheme RFCS-RPJ (Research project 800730)

  • 09:00 Welcome and Introduction of FLATBEND project
    Dr. Elena Silvestre, Fagor Arrasate, Project Coordinator 
    Dr. Anastasios Tsakalidis, Ludmila Sarbu, European Research Executive Agency, established by the European Commission, Project Advisers

  • 09:30 A New Optical Laser-Based Sensor for Online Metal Sheet Fatness Measurement
    Dr. Alberto Izaguirre, Mondragon University
    10:00 Latest trends in roll levelling technology-project demonstrators
    Dr. Elena Silvestre, Fagor Arrasate

  • Virtual coffee break

  • 10:45 Laser measurement of roll formed and stamped profiles
    ​​​​​​​Albert Sedlmaier, Thomas Dietl, dataM GmbH
    11:15 Model based control of stamping processes-project demonstrator
    Dr. Lander Galdos, Mondragon University

  • Lander Galdos

    Mondragon Unibertsitatea

  • Elena Silvestre

    Fagor Arrasate

  • Thomas Dietl

    dataM GmbH

  • Alberto Izaguirre

    Mondragon Unibertsitatea

  • Ludmila Sarbu

    European Research Executive Agency

  • Anastasios Tsakalidis

    European Research Executive Agency

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