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Strictly Business: An Entrepreneurial Coach's Advice for Optimizing Your Practice

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Look beneath any thriving enterprise and you’ll see three stabilizing pillars: shared vision, accountability, and healthy communication among leadership. But what does it look like to build these pillars from scratch in support of a medical practice? Physicians need a proven, repeatable, and flexible approach to their day-to-day business operations that allows them to focus more on patient experience.
In this webinar, Cullen Talley, founder of Exit Momentum, explains principles of the widely popular Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) as they relate to the needs of a private practice. This highly structured framework has earned praised across countless industries for its simplicity and effectiveness.
Join us to learn:

  • How to implement an operating system that works for—not against—your goals
  • Get your practice staff to buy into the same vision and build momentum
  • Key tips for anticipating the needs of your business and acting proactively
  • The small disciplines that will keep the business side of your practice running smoothly

Founder of Exit Momentum Cullen Talley has been described by his entrepreneur clients as the perfect combination of Mr. T, Mr. Miyagi, and Mr. Rogers. (In other words, ruthlessly direct, patiently focused on teaching, and unfailingly friendly). Whether it’s health and wellness, financial services, real estate, logistics, disruptive tech, or other industries, Talley’s business senses always shine through for his clients. Those who know him are unsurprised to learn that he grew up in an entrepreneurial household. At a young age, he was stocking shelves and looking for buying signals from attendees of his product demonstrations; business is in his blood.
Cullen’s superpower is understanding the intricacies and intersections across marketing, sales, product, ops, tech, finance, legal, etc. Over the span of his career, he’s advised on major acquisitions that impacted thousands of employees with billions of dollars in revenue at stake; expanded existing businesses into new channels of distribution; proven business models that returned 11x angel investors capital in under 24 months with a $220M exit; worked in cutting edge mobile and digital marketing technologies; and pushed sales increase by more than 20% while reducing costs by nearly 50% in the same period.

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