Introduction to God's Word for Life

  • Create a culture of daily discipleship

    Hear how God's Word for Life will equip your church to move its discipleship efforts from Sunday to every day.

  • Establish a strategic partnership between the home and church

    Listen to how God's Word for Life can help churches ensure a relationship with God and His Word are at the center of every member's life. 

  • Revitalize the teaching ministry of your church
    Learn about new resources that will enable you to breath fresh life and effectiveness into your teaching ministry.

  • Track the spiritual growth of your members with tools that match the times
    See how the new software program, My Growth Toolkit, will change the game for how churches manage groups, track growth, and train teachers.

  • Lee Ann Alexander

    Associate Editor | PPH

  • Kaleb Saucer

    Director of Marketing and Sales | PPH

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