FREE Power Webinar [60 minutes]

Get in the Game! Rise to the challenge.

The whole world has been turned upside down. People are worried, anxious and feeling lost. The game has changed but there is a way forward and it’s time to get going.

In this high energy Power webinar, the inspirational Peter Thurin will show you how to get in the game, rise to the challenge and be remarkable.

Peter Thurin is the irrepressible creator of ‘Easy to do. Easy not to do. Your choice!®’. It’s a simple philosophy that simplifies everything in life into a choice between ‘easy to do’ and ‘easy not to do’. It’s a philosophy that has profoundly changed the lives of tens of thousands of people around the world and helped them overcome adversity and pursue their dreams.
Whatever the challenge or goal, if you want to change your life or your business for the better you have to ‘CHOOSE TO DO’ something. Let’s go!

  • Peter Thurin

    Inspirator, Creator of ‘Easy to do. Easy not to do. Your choice!®

  • Gerry Morris

    Host, Founder Book Speakers Direct

  • Maurice van der Kant

    Host, Assemblee Speakers, Founder

  • DO more. DO better. DO differently.

  • Figure out the one thing you can DO now to get started.

  • Change your attitude. Change your performance. Change your impact.

  • About Peter Thurin

    ​​​​​​​Peter Thurin sees everything in life as a choice between ‘easy to do’ and ‘easy not to do’. Just like he did in pursuing his own dream, Peter now helps people focus on what they CAN DO rather than what they can’t. He helps people from all over the world with the inspiration, enthusiasm, and determination they need to rise to the challenge.
    As Peter says, “big-picture goals can be so daunting that often people don’t have the courage to get into the game. I say ‘It’s OK to feel awkward, it’s OK to feel uncomfortable, but don’t allow those feelings to prevent you from making a start. Get in the game!”

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