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The Animal Welfare App - Product Demonstration

Better Data Management

See how the Animal Welfare App can save you time and simplify record keeping.  Our intuitive User Interface and powerful data retrieval tools will help you provide the best possible care to your animals!  Here are just a few of our most popular features you will be learning about in this webinar:

  • Animal Registry 

    See how easy it is to manager your stock list and census transactions.

  • Session/Feed Records 

    Our flexible session/feed tools allow you to efficiently record food intake, enrichment, behavior and more. 

  • Exhibit/Habitat Tools

    This powerful suite of tools allow you to record and track environmental results, treatments, maintenance and more.

  • Health Management

    Pharmacy inventory, prescriptions, lab results, clinical notes, physical exams and much more can all be managed within this specialized module.

  • Analytics

    Perhaps the most powerful part of the system!  Put your data to work with our robust analysis and visualization tools.  

  • Todd Feucht

    Webinar Host

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