Certified Impact Rater Training

About The Webinar

Gain your Certification as an Impact Rater in this NEW webinar designed by the environmental and social impact experts at Impaakt

  • Understand​​​​​​​ the central role of businesses in tackling social and environmental challenges.

  • Learn how to rate and assess the impact of businesses on sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Get Certified ​​​​​​​in as little as a week. We send a Digital Certificate that can be added to your LinkedIn profile.

  • 1 Hour ​​​​​​​live and interactive webinar with access to the training slides and video replay after the event. 

  • 1 Assignment to get Certified, all assignments completed using the impact measurement platform Impaakt.

  • Bertrand Gacon

    Webinar Host and Co-founder of Impaakt.

  • Cedric Cheveau

    Webinar Moderator

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