7 Core Pillars to Build the ​​​​​​​Cash-Generating Business You Want

A profit-boosting, 90-minute masterclass exclusively for corporate professionals who want to transform their skills, talents and ideas into successful online brands that pull in $10K or more in revenue month after month.

During our time together, you’ll get the inside scoop on:​​​​​​​

  • The 7 core pillars you MUST implement (if you want to create a profitable online business and have the freedom to travel the world and just do what you want)

  • How to attract your best-ever dream clients – those who will willingly pay you top dollar – no questions asked

  • The ONE thing you’re likely not doing but will need to do to kickstart consistent revenue in your business​​​​​​​

  • The step-by-step, failproof business framework my clients have used to go from $0 to $100K in as little as 12 months (and guidance on how you can do the same)

  • Ebony Evaughn

    Creator of Kingdom Coins™ Business Accelerator, an online business strategist to ambitious, faith-walking corporate professionals and first-time entrepreneurs. Since 2015, I've helped dozens of aspiring entrepreneurs create, launch and grow profitable, purpose-driven online businesses by monetizing their purpose & expertise. Now I want to help you do the same and become confident in what God has called you to do, the people He has called you to serve, and accelerate using the exact blueprint that has helped me build a 6-figure business in 3 years.

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