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Do you have a Career Plan B??

In this current situation, things are unpredictable. 

Anything could happen to your job. 

Teams are being let go overnight without any warning.

Companies are closing down. 

The harsh reality and cold hard truth is this…

Your Job is NOT Safe.

If you don't have an Exit Plan, you are in trouble!

You need a plan for yourself and your loved ones.

Come and learn from us the 4 things you need to start doing to have a fool proof Plan B for your career!

1. Your Company's Plan B for You by Keith
2. 5 Ts to a Plan B Mindset by Cindi
3. 5 Es to an Effective Job Search by Nidhi
4. Power of Networking by James

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  • Keith Lau has 10 years of in-house HR & recruitment experience. He was the Head of Talent Acquisition at Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute. He hired more than 450 people and enjoys an client base with his Masterclasses being watched over by 680+ people from 5 continents.
  • James Fok has over 10 years recruitment experience and has empowered over 641+ jobseekers to secure their next dream career. He holds different companies and his passion is to empower more people. We have only one life to live, so he wants everyone to live it to the fullest.
  • Cindi Wirawan started her career in recruitment and was Head of Talent - Asia for a global technology solutions firm. After interviewing thousands of candidates, she realised that the skills needed for job hunting success were not taught in schools. This inspired her to become a career coach in 2013 and since then she has coached over 750 professionals across Asia Pacific to win the career game.
  • Nidhi Chauhan is the Founder of Uplifting You, she has trained & helped over 10,000 people - from students to experienced personnel with over 25+ years of experience, to step up their game and get their dream jobs. She has an international reputation with clients from 8 countries. She's an expert in CV writing, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and interviews. Her clients have been hired by giants like Microsoft, Qualcomm, ICICI, Marriot international, IBM, etc.
  • Keith Lau

    34,600+ Followers; Your Recruitment Adviser

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    56,800+ Followers; Your Career Buddy

  • Cindi Wirawan

    13,000+ Followers; Your Millennial Career Coach

  • Nidhi Chauhan

    55,000+ Followers; Your Recruitment Coach

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