5 Things Your Investment Advisor Won't Tell You About Coronavirus

About The Webinar

Everybody’s hunkered down in place due to the global pandemic, but that doesn’t mean your money has to be! There are some simple things you can do to put yourself in the front seat when markets start to recover. 

​​​​​​​Pinnacle Advisory Group’s Senior Investment Analyst, Carl Noble, shares his top secrets for positioning ETF portfolios for maximum upside movement while limiting risk long-term!

This is a virtual seminar, specially designed for home viewing during the Covid-19 lockdown! The presentation has been pre-recorded, and the comment box includes comments from previously viewed events along with those by current viewers. 

  • How diversification could be costing you money...  If you've heard that you should always diversify your intestments, you need to hear this...

  • Why systematic rebalancing  may be a bad idea...  If you've been rebalancing your portfolio on an annual or semi-annual basis, you could be losing money. We'll explain why in the webinar.

  • The single biggest secret investment advisors want to hide from you...  If you find out the truth, you might not want to hire them!

  • David Poulos


  • Carl Noble, CFA®


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