Drastically Lower Your Tax Bill & Fund Your Family Expenses at the Same Time!

There are dozens of ways you can use your family to lower your taxes.

Come to a FREE webinar to discover simple ways to write off big ticket items such as hobbies, college education, & even weddings. Plus, find out how to can shift a truckload of your family's monthly expenses into legitimate deductions.

My name is Sandy Botkin and I'm a Former IRS attorney. I will be showing you how to unlock thousands of dollars in extra tax savings.

With the current state of inflation… I know taking care of your family and keeping your money in your bank account is important.

For example, what if instead of paying hundreds of dollars for your kid’s sports team,
you pay them to work in your business, then they use the money to pay for it themselves. But now, you get to deduct the cost! So you save big.

I’m going to share top-tier tips on more than just hiring your family during a FREE webinar.

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Here's the thing, hiring your family is an overlooked tax-saving strategy that can save you thousands on your taxes.

We’ve had members save over $50,000 in a single year using these exact strategies!

Not too shabby in my book!

This webinar is for anyone who owns a small business or is self-employed.

This is a no-brainer for anyone who owns a small business.

Even if you already have a CPA.

It’s not every day that you come across a former IRS agent gone rogue that will teach you the ins-and-outs of the tax code.

You may be surprised at how easy some of these deductions are to claim!

So mark your calendars and register for this special webinar. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Just a few things you’ll learn during this special glimpse inside the IRS tax code:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • What you need to know to hire your kids so they can pay for their own sports, activities, clubs, travel, and more! This one strategy alone can save you at least $100,000 in taxes per child!
  • Hiring your spouse can help reduce your medical costs significantly. (Almost no one does this!)
  • What to know about gifting to family members...and how you can create a strategy to lower your tax liability once you know the numbers that I share with you.
  • Learn the specific rules regarding hiring family members so that you can maximize your deductions without being a target for an audit.
  • How to legally deduct a weekend getaway with your spouse...and why it's much easier than you might think!
  • How you can use the “leaseback loophole” to create legal tax deductions out of thin air...and exactly what tactics you can use to claim this tax break.
  • ​​​​​​​Learn two bullet-proof methods to save up for your kids (or grandkids!) education.
  • The secret to income shifting and paying taxes in a lower tax bracket (I did this and saved over $13,000 on my tax bill!)​​​​​​​

  • The #1 mistake I see when self-employed and small business owners make when trying to claim these deductions. (You DO NOT want to end up in this situation!)
  • And much more!

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