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Rare earth reduction in high performance permanent magnet electric machines

​​​​​​​The LowReeMotors project will develop efficient motors with Nd-Lean magnets. Developed permanent magnets will contain up to 10% less rare earth elements. The consortium will combine a strong expertise in machine designing  as well as a full expertise in magnet manufacturing . The project would deliver 4 motors and a complete process chart for new magnets.

  • Webinar introduction                                                                                        13:00
    Organization Committee

  • Gaizka Ugalde   Mondragon University(MU)                                     13:05
    Low rare earth permanent magnet machine

  • Gerard Delette    CEA                                                                                          13:50
    Efficient use of Rare Earth Elements in permanent magnet for electrical vehicles

  • Zienab Elghoul     KU Leuven                                                                           14:35
    Life Cycle Assessments of Rare Earth Elements Used in Permanent Magnets: Opportunities and Challenges

  • Break time                                                                                                    15:00-15:15

  • Milana Karajic     MAGNETI                                                                              15:15
    Key challenges and needs in rare earth permanent magnet production

  • Round Table                                                                                                                16:00
    MU, Valeo, Magneti, EIT, RawMaterials, Lancor

  • Webinar Closure                                                                                                      16:45
    Organization Committee

  • Organization committee Gaizka Ugalde

    Mondragon University

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  • Zienab Elghoul


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