How to survive the crisis as a PERSONAL TRAINER
(and be on the winners side when it's all over)

During this full content packed webinar you will discover...

  • Little-known strategies that will offset your current lack of income (if you don't know these, you might fail badly)
  • An innovative strategy to keep ALL of your clients in these hard times and even magnetically attract new ones (no - these are not huge discounts on your service offerings)
  • 4 key steps you need to take in the current situation (knowledge that will literally make you're competition look bad compared to you)

  • How to use the * RIGHT * and * EFFECTIVE *  tactics to train your clients (now that most fitness centers and gyms are shut down)

  • A simple recipe that will improve your relationship with your bank (even in this current crisis, they will assist and support you)

  • The fatal mistakes that almost all personal trainers - myself included - made in the last crisis (and how to make sure you don't fall into the same traps)

  • A stunning advice on your mindset, which will assure that you shall shine, when other PTs will break under the pressure of the crisis (hearing this insight will almost certainly throw you off the chair)

  • Q & A with our CEO and founder Dr. Jim Bell and the IFPA Director of European Education, Alex Potrc

  • Alex Potrc

    Webinar Host

  • Dr. Jim Bell

    Webinar Host

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