Keys to Help Dads Balance Work, Family and Health

About The Webinar

Research tells us that dads don't feel like they have the resources to effectively balance the demands at work, home, and on their health. Inevitably, dads often just "make do" and often feel like they have to sacrifice somewhere to meet the expectations.

This webinar will offer key insights to help dads manage the challenges of balancing it all.  Hear from a panel of dads who’ve faced the challenge of juggling parenthood, business, and maintaining their health. We know you'll pick up on the critical disciplines they learned to help them succeed.

After attending this webinar offered in partnership with Dove Men+Care, you’ll know:

  • Why ‘achieving balance’ is actually the wrong goal

  • What is most important for managing extreme demands and staying sane

  • Why creating time and space for the unplanned might be the most valuable part of your calendar

  • How to get support when life feels out of control

  • Dad Central

    Webinar Host

  • Drew Soleyn

    DCO Director, Career and Leadership Coach. Father of Three

  • Justin Tsui

    Author & Success Coach, Father of Two

  • Paul Attia

    Lawyer and Business Advisor. Father of Five

  • Ed Gough, Jr.

    Event Host

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