Governance Accountability Platform (GAP)

Turning South Africa around, province by province

South Africa’s nine provinces are in a position to play a catalytic role when it comes to economic growth and have the constitutional mandate to lead economic planning, but they often fall short, sandwiched between a dominating central government and local councils struggling to balance their books. What can be done to unlock their potential? Can they become the power-houses of economic development? These and other questions will be under discussion.

  • Mduduzi Mbada

    Policy Research & Advisory Services Unit, Office of the Premier of Gauteng Province

  • Alan Winde

    Premier of Western Cape Province

  • Ray Hartley

    The Brenthurst Foundation

  • Henning Suhr


  • Mduduzi Mbada

    Mduduzi Mbada is the Head of the Policy Research and Advisory Services Unit at the Office of the Premier of Gauteng Province

  • Alan Winde

    Premier Winde has previously served as the provincial Minister of Finance, Minister of Economic Opportunities and Minister of Community Safety. He was first elected to serve as an MPL in 1999, a position he held for 10 years before the Democratic Alliance was voted into power in the province. His campaign for the premiership was centred on improving economic and household prosperity by getting the basics right, such as education and healthcare, and improving safety and public transport for all the residents of our province. He has further committed to improving the efficiency of government service delivery through innovation and new technology.

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