Free Seed World Innovation Webinar

About The Webinar

SeQso is working as a machine tool supplier for the seed industry supplying a wide range of sorting and sowing equipment.

Get to know the new FlexSorter series of seed sorters. Configurable sorters with up to 3 different camera systems (Color, X-Ray, NIR) powered with AI based sorting algorithms.

Later this year we will add Hyperspectral NIR.

In this lecture SeQso will explain:
- The performance and key benefits of the most advanced seed sorter
- Various camera technologies on quality improvement
- How easy AI-based sorter can be tuned without expert knowledge
- The application of thorough trials
- Examples of seed sorting applications

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  • Fred Hugen

    Fred Hugen studied Electronics at The University of Twente and obtained a Ph.D. in real-time image processing at the same university in 1995. He is one of the owners of SeQso, a company active in advanced seed analysis, sorting and sowing. His current activities are on the development of multi-modal imaging and artificial intelligence systems, for use in seed sorting and seed phenotyping.

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