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Coding with iPad

Join Academia and local NI Apple Distinguished Educators, Karen, Louise and Nicole for a practical session looking at how you can use your iPad to teach computational thinking and coding skills with ease.​​​​​​​

Together we'll explore:

  • Coding apps

    Explore digital environments and create programs with block-based coding apps.

  • Problem-solving

    Develop problem-solving skills.

  • Algorithms

    Write instructions to carry out an activity.

  • Debugging

    Identify why some instructions or commands haven't worked and fixing them.

  • Decomposition

    Break down projects or problems into smaller parts. 

  • Logical reasoning

    Use logical reasoning to predict what will happen if they enter a command or set of commands in a coding project.

  • Ryan Dutton


  • Karen Irwin

    Apple Distinguished Educator

  • Louise Kerr

    Apple Distinguished Educator

  • Nicole O'Connor

    Apple Distinguished Educator

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