What's Your Retirement IQ?

According to one study, only 20% of the retirees surveyed were able to pass a test about
life expectancy, social security, IRAs, life insurance, investments, and more.

​​​​​​​Is your Retirement IQ high enough to pass the test?

Do you have a plan to retire confidently?

In our experience, the financial literacy in our country is very low when it comes to personal finance. Even individuals who are well versed in economics may not have a grasp on how to manage their personal finances and create a plan to retire confidently.

Our "What's Your Retirement IQ?" webinar will cover:

  • The financial junk drawer

    Many investment accounts resemble a kitchen junk drawer - no rhyme or reason to them or cohesive investment plan.

  • Not outliving your assets

    The Baby Boomer generation may live to triple digits, and common strategies like the 4% withdrawal rule may not be sufficient to provide life-long income.

  • The importance of working with a professional

    We would not expect to be able to walk into your workplace and complete your job function at 100% capacity. Doesn't your retirement plan deserve to be created by a professional?

  • Megan Clark

    Webinar Host

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