Saving Veterinary Medicine - One Proven Leadership Action At A Time!

About The Webinar

Veterinary medicine is at a critical point in time. Increased complexity, more pets and fewer staff are three powerful issues wreaking havoc on the workplace. The result is a pandemic of burnout with professionals seemingly dropping like flies.

Make no mistake, we’re not at a crossroads. We’re way past that and we definitely took the wrong turn. As a result, we now find ourselves at the edge of an existential precipice with little time left to avoid disaster.

So act we must - and decisively so. All is not yet lost, but it’s hard to know what the right moves to make are. If it were obvious then we’d never have gotten to this point!

In this presentation, practice management expert Dr Dave Nicol will make the case for decisive leadership and reveal the four most effective actions that leaders of veterinary teams must take in order to build sustainable practices for all, and pull back from the abyss.

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  • Dr Dave Nicol

    Practice Management Expert and CEO of VetX International

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