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Mindful Return's November Book Talk:
​​​​​​​Work, Parent, Thrive

About The Webinar

Working parenthood can be just a wee bit challenging (read: excruciating). But fixes that actually resolve the challenges are hard to find on the bookshelves, in the blogosphere, or even from the experts.

Join clinical psychologist Dr. Yael Schonbrun for a conversation with Lori Mihalich-Levin to transform how you understand the challenges of working parenthood and develop tools to approach them more effectively.  During the conversation, we'll talk about how to:

  • Redefine the relationship between work and parenthood

    Learn how clinical psychology can help us understand the conflict between our most important roles and offer tools to manage it better.

  • Use working parenthood to strengthen your skills

    We'll discuss strategies to access more creativity, rest, and wisdom in working parenthood.

  • Learn to foster more happiness

    Learn about tools from psychology that can help you manage stress and amplify your happiness .

  • Lori Mihalich-Levin

    CEO & Founder, Mindful Return

  • Yael Schonbrun, PhD

    Author & Clinical Psychologist

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