The Pelvis and SI Joint 


  • What are we really moving when we work with the Pelvis and SI joint?

  • The huge function & movement of the Pelvis

    The big, hard working structures around the outside of the pelvis, where they are and what we can touch?

  • The pelvis at the back

    It's easy to forget that the pelvis does go all the way round the back to join up at the sacrum.  What's there may surprise you.

  • The Sacro-Iliac joint.
    How much movement is too much and does it even move?  A look at just how much movement is going on

  • Practicalities
    Gaining some practical ideas on how we can address the pelvis with much less effort than we generally realise.

  • Julian Baker

    As a manual therapist with over 30 years, Julian's anatomy and dissection focusses on applying what's in the books, to the person in front of you. With over 12 years experience, and courses run all over the world, these webinars will help develop your anatomy knowledge and keep you inspired during lockdown

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