New Connectors Improve Board Density,
Thermal and Vibration Challenges

About The Webinar

Webinar Will Cover:
•     Managing the circuit board layout when adding more intelligence and  
​​​​​​​        functionality to your system
•     Miniaturizing high-speed interconnect with controlled impedance
•     Why higher operating temperature affects component specification
•     Improving performance in high vibration circuit b oar d applications

Applications Include: 
•     Mobile robotic vehicles such as AGV/AMR
•     SOM, SBC, Main to Sub PCB board-to-board multiple connections
•     LiDAR, Radar, HMI, Camera, Sonar, Encoder, and sensitive signals for EMC
•     Power distribution modules
​​​​​​​Connector Types Discussed:
•     FunctionMax Floating board-to-board connectors
•     EnerBee Wire-to-board and wire-to-wire connectors
•     ix Industrial - New IEC small form factor Ethernet interface

  • William MacKillop

    Interconnect Technology & Technical Support Manager – Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University, Boston. 30+ years experience in the Electronics field 20+ years experience in electrical connectors. Various technical articles published and patents issued. Hirose Electric, 9 years.

  • Joe Kawada

    Industrial Segment Manager – Bachelor of Arts in Human Kinetics from The University of British Columbia. Hirose Electric, 6 years experience including industrial marketing strategy implementation, product planning & development.

  • Chris Lattig

    Business Development Manager – Bachelor of Arts in Physics, Gettysburg College. 25 years of connector experience including product management, new product development, application engineering and customer support.

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