Decida presents ...

Going Ape S#!t 

Emotional Intelligence 
Taking you from good to great

A humorous deep dive into how your brain navigates stressful situations, such as interviews, performance reviews, difficult discussions and more. Explore practical ways to keep your reactive self in check and maximse opportunities with confidence!

As we are faced with emotional and sometimes stressful decisions, it is how well we navigate this emotional and stressful terrain that helps design our future. 

Never in history has there been a time when it has been as vitally essential to take control of our reactivity. With all the advantages that technological advancements give us, we need an increased maturity of mindset to make the most of this digital revolution. 

Behavioural economist, psychologist, and author Phil Slade along with Decida co-founder Roshelle Weir will help us understand emotional intelligence, and deliver tangible benefits and insight into your own EQ. This 45 minute webinar is a guide to  becoming a master influencer and unfreezing decision-making paralysis.

This is an enlightening and practical guide for people aspiring for greater self-control and superior influencing skills.

Register to stop being controlled by your reactivity and start maximising your opportunities.

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