We Will Reveal A Little Mistake That Cost a Future Or Experienced Pilot $3,000 a Year... and How To Avoid It!

  • Completely Free Online Course

    Join Checkride Prep and our Chief Flight Instructor David Tushin as he spends an hour to talk about the requirements to become a private pilot and answer all of your questions.

    David wants to impart all of the knowledge he wished he had when he got started in aviation.

    This short course is perfect for those that have ever toyed with the idea of becoming a pilot, are currently in the process, or are stuck in their training.

    We hope that you share this with your friends as we welcome anyone who is interested in aviation.

  • Some of the topics we will cover include:

    -The Requirements to Earn an FAA Private Pilot Certificate
    -We Will Review In Detail All of the Steps and What to Expect
    -What Can you Do With your Private Pilot License
    -What is the Outlook for Commercial Aviation Environment
    -How Can you Select the Right Flight School
    -How to Select and Work with the Best Flight Instructor
    -The Difference Between a FAA Part 61 & FAA Part 141 School
    -The Pros and Cons of University Flight Programs
    -How to Select a Good Training Aircraft and the Types
    -Tips and Tricks to Save Money and Time During Flight Training
    -How to Fund Your Flight Training
    -How to Use Your GI Bill for Flight Training
    -And Much More...

  • Who is Checkride Prep?
    We are a Part 61 flight school located in Camarillo, CA (KCMA) which has been in business since 2017. Our team specializes in live ground schools for private, instrument, and CFI/I along with helping students prepare for their oral and pratical exams.

  • David Tushin, ATP CFII

    Webinar Host

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