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Easing the Costs of Doing Business in Lesotho

Lesotho has been beset by political uncertainty and an economy that has struggled to take off. New Prime Minister, Moeketsi Majoro, is hoping to change all of that by introducing sound policy and attracting investors. Can he pull it off? The Brenthurst Foundation Research Director, Ray Hartley talks to Majoro and long-time Lesotho investor, Kevin Schroeder about the country’s plan to grow the economy. Joining them is Henning Suhr of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

  • H.E. Prime Minister Moeketsi Majoro 

    Dr Moeketsi Majoro was appointed Prime Minister of Lesotho on 20 May 2020, having previously served as it’s Minister of Finance and. Member of Parliament representing the Thetsane #33 Constituency. He also served previously as Minister responsible for development planning in the Kingdom of Lesotho where he spearheaded policies for structural transformation through integrating several cluster solutions and dialogues. Before joining the Government of the Kingdom of Lesotho as Minister and MP, he was executive director at the International Monetary Fund representing 21 African countries on the Executive Board (2008-2012).  He also served as fiscal analyst and Principal Secretary responsible for public finance as well as teaching economics at the National University of Lesotho during 1991-2000. He was a consultant in the areas of business and economics under his company QE, and  a director on numerous boards.

  • Kevin Schroeder, CEO Beck Trading, South Africa

    Kevin Schroeder is a bachelor of commerce graduate from Rhodes University.
    He spent many years in the venture capital space and involved in multiple big corporate turnarounds.
    He started a manufacturing business in the clothing and textile sector in 1992 creating over 2,000 sustainable jobs in the rural areas of Southern Africa where the employment is most needed.
    The business today is a leader in its field and in the top 3 in the clothing and textile sector and is an accredited SABS entity.
    Kevin is still involved in the venture capital space and has invested in multiple businesses creating jobs and economic activity in the interests of Southern Africa.

  • H.E. Moeketsi Majoro

    Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Lesotho

  • Kevin Schroeder

    CEO Beck Trading, South Africa

  • Ray Hartley

    The Brenthurst Foundation

  • Henning Suhr


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