LPG Forward: LPG Applications of Today and Tomorrow

Welcome to the third and final session of the LPG Forward webinar series!

Which are the LPG Applications of today that can take the industry into the decarbonised world of tomorrow? What are the new ones to look at and what innovation should the industry be supporting to develop further?

This session will focus on some of the most promising ones and how these fit in an electrified, renewable and hybrid future.

Click here to find the recording of the previous two sessions.
  • Hosted by Nikos Xydas

    Technical Manager, Liquid Gas Europe

  • Rubens Basaglia

    X-Tech, LPG in an Electrified World

  • Jeremy Harrison

    Delta EE, LPG in Microgrids

  • Matthias Boltze

    Sunfire, LPG Fuel Cells

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