Earth Week 2021

Friends Of Bukit Kiara :
Firefly Biodiversity, Mysteries & Ecology

About the Webinar

Fireflies are mesmerising insects due to their ability to produce light. The congregating fireflies in our riverbanks are the most well-known of the species but solitary fireflies found inland are numerous in shape, size and light display patterns, reflecting their higher biodiversity and unique relationship with our forests.
There will be a sharing of insights into these fascinating creatures.
This webinar is held in collaboration with Think City Institute’s Earth Week campaign

  • Think City Institute

    Webinar Host

  • Thary Goh, Urban Biodiversity Initiative (UBI)


  • Dr Nada Bt Badruddin, Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM)


  • Leon Koay, FoBK / Save Taman Rimba Kiara


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