Clificol Action 2020+ Webinar

COVID Data Collection in Delhi and the Clificol Case Registry Platform 

  • The Clificol Support project (Action 2020+) is for homeopaths who want to learn from their own experiences and who are keen to improve by collaborating with their colleagues.

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Part 1: Covid experience and Research Projects in Delhi (Dr. Raj Manchanda)  
    Part 2: How to use the clificol case registry platform for data collection (Dr. Yvonne Fok)
    Part 3: Preliminary results from the Clificol team (Dr. Alex Tournier PhD.)
    Part 4: Unique Features and Reminders for Clificol users (Dr. Frederik Schroyens / Dr. Carlo Rezzani)
    Part 5: Discussion (20-30min) (Dr. Raj Manchanda, Dr. Jean Pierre Jansen, Dr. Alex Tournier PhD, Dr. Carlo Rezzani, Dr. Frederik Schroyens)

  • Panelist: Raj Manchanda (India) + Jean Pierre Jansen (Netherlands) + Alex Tournier (UK) + Yvonne Fok (China) + Carlo Rezzani (Italy) + Frederik Schroyens (Belgium
  • *The webinar is mainly for Government officers of Delhi but others are welcome as we have additional capacity

  • Dr R K Manchanda


  • Homeopathy 360

    Webinar Host

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