How do you know if you have the right people in your marketing team?
Why does one marketer outclass another when their skills and experience are similar? Join us to find out why Behavioural Suitability is the answer.

  • Importance of Marketing Accountability
    The demand to prove and present marketing's added value to the company's bottom line, has grown fast over the last years. Nowadays,  it’s not only a requirement of senior management, but marketers and brand managers themselves want to show and improve marketing effectiveness

  • Managing Generalist, Leading or Supporting Specialist​​​​​​​
    Human potential is often defined in terms of qualifications, experience, functional competencies and track record. But, we all come to work with our own preferred behaviours and habits.
    It’s critical that leaders define a desired mix of behaviours and habits for the marketing team. It thrives or struggles according to the behavioural fit of each person to each job which impacts the collective strength of the team.

  • In general we define three levels of work:

    1. Generalist in a Managing role 

    2. Specialist in a leading role
    3. Specialist in a supporting role
    Steve will explain the types we distinguish in any team with a deep dive on:
    - Brand Manager
    - Event Specialist
    - Social Media Specialist

  • Michiel van de Watering - Accountable Marketing Expert

    Michiel helps marketers, business owners and management teams deploy Accountable Marketing systems so they can save money and improve their ROI. With more than two decades of experience, Michiel has managed millions of marketing dollars as a marketing leader and consultant.

  • Steve Rogers - Right People Right Job

    Steve consults to leaders online anywhere in the world. He established Right People Right Job in 2008. The company assists leaders to improve the effectiveness of their teams by understanding each member’s suitability and compatibility to their jobs and the team.

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