EP 4: Stimulus Increases, What's In It For You? 

About The Webinar

We're in uncertain and unprecedented times, but there's no need to panic. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and peeling back the hype to get to the facts is why I'm here.

In my brand new webinar series 'MATTER OF FACT', I'll give you daily updates on property, the state of the market, and where the opportunities lie. What is the best way to do navigate through despair, insecurity, and fear in these changing times? Get back to facts!

Join me for Episode 4: Stimulus increases, what's in it for you?

We'll cover off the latest sets of rules on how you can access further funding as an employer, and also as an employee. It definitely worth your while to look at the increase.

  • Ian Ugarte

    Webinar Host and Affordable Housing Expert

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