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How to start working with KNX

About the Webinar

A guide to get started with KNX for professionals

Want to get started with the KNX technology, but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help!  

KNX offers you a wide range of training possibilities to learn the ins and outs of our ETS software. By following our step by step education plan you will acquire all the knowledge and skills you need to easily develop automation projects with KNX.

  • What is KNX?

    We will show you what is KNX and the benefits os working with a worldwide standard for home and building control.

  • How can a I learn KNX?

    You will see all the possibilities you have for your professional development in KNX, both onsite and online.

  • How to program KNX devices in projects?

    You will see ETS, the tool that more than 100,000 KNX professionals use to commision and program KNX devices. Hands on!

  • Examples of KNX projects

    KNX fits for many kind of projects. We will show you jsut an example! Are you ready?

  • Jose M. Morcillo

    KNX USA Membership and Development

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