Helping Your Church Build its Invite Culture

Every pastor I know wants their church to grow. But how? Rich Birch, founder of unSeminary, says “the difference between stagnant and growing churches is that growing churches train, equip, and motivate their people to invite their friends. It really is that simple.”

In this one-hour FREE webinar, we are going to help your church increase its invite culture. Rich will teach us five areas that churches of all sizes can immediately focus on for church growth. You’ll not only learn the five areas, but you’ll discover some real simple tools and practices that you can put into place right away. And, as a bonus, I’ll ask Rich what are some best practices that growing churches are implementing to boost excitement for their Easter services this year.
Rich Birch has been involved in church leadership for over 20 years. He had the privilege to lead one of the first multisite churches in North America and has been on staff at The Meeting House in Toronto, Liquid Church in New Jersey, and Connexus Community Church in Ontario. In each of these stops, Rich has helped play his role to lead them to explosive growth. This firsthand experience has now led him into founding UnSeminary, which is a group that has a mission to help more than 100 churches grow by more than 1000 people.

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